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Serious question, do any of you guys follow any of the competitive scenes in like any PVP games? such as CoD, Halo, LoL, Dota2, CS:GO, or even Starcraft.

If you do let me know which u follow, and if not why does it not appeal to you are you not into being Competitive?

My answer is LoL and CS:GO(though the cheating has gotten out of hand in CS as of late) and back in the days of Halo 3 I used to watch it

Also  abonus question for those that do follow it do u have any favorite players?

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I watch Starcraft 2 a lot cause I find it very entertaining on how the players play the game and do cray cray splits with their units and etc. I don't really have any favorite player thus yet though


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I mainly watch Halo and Killer Instinct, I did watch a bit of CoD (boring IMO) and Street Fighter.

My favorite Halo pros.

Ogre 2

Favorite KI players

Gutter Magic
Emperor Sleep
Anime Freak AJ
Draman Kuratani (not sure if he still plays)

I used to watch a lot of replays first warcraft 3 then starcraft 2. now i dont care anymore, now i only watch some replays from warcraft 3 every 3 months or so when i am tottaly bored

I kinda follow Smite. I watched the finals of the world champs a few weeks ago it was almost a fairy tale underdog victory, pretty tense and exciting. I don't really follow any specific players or really have a favourite team. But I generally support the underdog team, and the Euro team in any US/Euro match. My son is looking to join a competitive team, though I doubt he'll ever actually try to go pro with it.

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I watch some LoL, my favorite teams are SK, UoL, C9 and Coast

CoD scene is just pure humor and drama XD. Like yesterday one player told another to kill himself

I don't mind watching a bit of Starcraft 2 and Dota 2 when the tournaments are on.

The Super Smash Bros. series in general and Melee in particular. Some of my favorite players:

- Mew2King
- Kage the Warrior
- Leffen
- S2J
- Isai
- SuPeRbOoMfAn

Yeah I watch a heck of a lot of pro Dota 2. Basically all of Team Secret's games, all of The International each year (prize pool was almost $11 million last year so I can't freaking wait to see how high it'll be for TI5), and a lot of Na'Vi's games (although a lot less of Na'Vi ever since they dropped Puppey and Kuro).

Before Dota 2 I used to occasionally watch pro StarCraft (the original StarCraft, not the shitty sequel. Die Blizzard, die). In part to pick up gameplay tips back when I was playing but I also enjoyed seeing the best players of the game face off.