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The premise is simple... He believes he contribute to Nintendo marketing and selling of games and as such he should be allowed to have full claim of the ad revenue he collects on Youtube. And bashes Nintendo to ask for a part of the pie or to demand channel to be closed. Says Nintendo will lose even more contact with their fanbase, they will lose sales by him not playing their games and a lot of other silly things.


His premise is as wrong as Nintendo owns the IP and invested they are the sole entity that can/should decide what to do about their IPs, and in any market if you want to use someones brand (even more if you are profiting from it) you have to pay for it.

What do you guys think?

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Why wouldn't I believe why when this bullshit youtube deal of Nintendo is the only thing youtubers are currently talking about? He is just one of many who see and tell people how much of a stupid move this is by Nintendo.

Nintendo may be right in claiming ownership but they gain more money without that deal than it would ever earn them. All it does is pissing off unpaid marketing staff, which is what most youtubers essentially are for Nintendo.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

It's within Nintendo's right to demand a part of the revenue but it's also incredibly stupid. Unless you're at the very very top of the pile you earn very little through youtube as it is.

Taking 40% of the revenue of someone who is advertising your product for free is ridiculous, there's a reason other companies haven't gone down this root.

Nintendo are just trying to grab money with this move and i've always viewed them as a pro-consumer company who are passionate about games and care about what they create first and foremost. This move has really thrown modern-nintendo into question for me. Are they not that company anymore?

Also Nintendo send the money to you in USD through PayPal, this means in countries with other currencies you have to pay associated fee's ontop of the 40% nintendo are taking.

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He's only played two Nintendo games on his channel and they were both ROMs on the Project64 emulator. So basically, he's annoyed at Nintendo for not being able to make money off games he didn't buy?

Entitled Youtubers need to expire.

I fail to see how he contributes anything at all to nintendos marketing.
It's not like he uploads a lot of nintendo content. He doesn't even upload any Wii U / 3DS gameplay from what I can tell.

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The vg chart article on this issue has quotes that make it clear he thinks Nintendo have full rights to do this but argues its not in their best interest.

I have never seen him play a Wii U or 3DS, not even a Wii or DS game
So I believe he deserves nothing, people should make lets plays (or whatever he does) for fun, not for money, unlike him

Yeah, because Nintendo gamers only buy their games because PewDiePie plays them. He barely even plays Nintendo games anyway. I don't agree with Nintendo's decision, as I think LP's are something else entirely, and an overwhelming majority of people aren't going to decide to not buy a game because they can watch a let's play, however it is silly to think that Pewdiepie makes a great affect on Wii U and Wii U game sales.

This is going to cause millions of Youtube viewers to have a negative outlook on Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft haven't done this yet and none of them should to tell you the truth.

Honestly.... Making money by playing games on youtube is just weird & sometime it kills your interest.

I'd rather support unknown guitar guy playing music in the street. lol

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