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A hardcore gamer is challenging his mom to a race in Mario Kart Wii:

Nintendo is destroying gaming as we know it!!!

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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Meh... The concept is funny, but Frank's drawing is worse, and gives it character.

Oh! I get it. It's you in the comic.
By the way, have you happened to hear about that austrian guy who lost faith? I think it's because of scenarios like this.

Ei Kiinasti.

Eikä Japanisti.

Vaan pannaan jalalla koreasti.


Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Nothing new added, but is fun 7/10... and probably true

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The idea works! Needs moar bigger pic.

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The gamecube controller is the best drawing. It looks like you melted it and the gave it a new shape.
I blame the elders and the soccer moms.

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the wii wheel can be just as competitive because you can multitacl alot more while still having steering capability. I think it s aleg up from the GC controller for MK Wii.

Funky drawings



Nice sketch Rol, (my mom will still sometimes beat me at Wii Bowling) still don´t quit your job just yet.




Yet another casual thread to destroy forum culture as we know it...

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