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I am back. I left because of constantly being banned or having my blogs blocked. I hope this one is tame enough. I am worried. Worried that Xbox One could overtake PS4 in America because of possible continued momentum. In MY OPINION, XB1 is a weaker, uglier console. The fact that so many went for XB1 because of a mere $50 sickens me. PS4 is worth the extra $50.

Sony had it in the bag in America. Why didn't they match the price of XB1?! This may prove to be a blundering decision  on Sony's part. Even with XB1 returning to $399, more people have friends with XB1's now and are more likely to buy one to play with them. Microsoft was devious and smart in what they did. I have to admit that. Phil Spencer was the right man for the job.

The question is, will XB1 be able to keep up the momentum at the same price as PS4? I hope not, but I will be watching closely. Another question is that if MS permanently cuts the XB1 price--if PS4 goes back to crushing it--will Sony match it and be wise? Sony let MS walk all over them these past couple of months, and I'm mad.

Worldwide, PS4 will dominate, but I'm tired of living in Xbox country. Will Xbox retake America? What do you guys think?




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I'm worried that you're worried.

I think you are taking this way too seriously. why care?


Globally, I think the ps4 will win but in the US, I think the x1 might take it

And I think the reason why Sony didn't match the price is cause they looked at which would be more profitable for them, lowering the price to get some more consumers or staying at the same price and getting less consumers but more guaranteed profit and they chose the second option imo. Sony doesn't really care about the whole console war and instead, they care about what will get them the most amount of profits and clearly, they chose that!

Microsoft's tactic is odd but they can afford to do whacky tactics cause they can burn a shit ton of money and still be profitable as a Company. Sony, on the other hand, needs to think about money specially considering that they lost $1+ billion USD not too long ago


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MS walked all over them in sales you say? Globally, they are still ahead and unlike MS, they made money. This isn't a game, it's a business, and as a business the PlayStation division outperformed the Xbox Division by a country mile.

Why some people want a single system to dominate is beyond me...

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JDemon said:

I think you are taking this way too seriously. why care?

This is a sales site, you know.

LudicrousSpeed said:
I'm worried that you're worried.


PS4 has yet to even reach its full potential or even a price drop. Everything will be fine, PS4 will dominate this entire gen.