Is this it for WiiU in 2015?? Already bigger than 2014??

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I'm WAY more excited for 2015. It has fresh games like Splatoon! along with tried-and-true favorites like Kirby and Yoshi (with a beautiful aesthetic). Not to mention is has two of the biggest Wii U titles yet: Xenoblade Chronicles X and The Legend of Zelda Wii U (not in terms of raw sales, but in terms of likely quality and the scope of the games). Those last 2 are enough to make 2015 my favorite Wii U year all by themselves.

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Aerys said:

You forgot Sonic and probably other exclusives in 2014


In term of sales ? No, it will be worse than 2014, 2014 has the 2 biggest nintendo system seller Mario Kart and SSB.

In term of quantity, we cant say, Starfox and Zelda could be delayed to 2016, there a lot of delays and since it's the first Zelda as ambitious ( big open world and everything), the delay is very likely.

In term of quality, no, Bayonetta + MK + SSB + DK TF , all that in one year, it's far better than everything in 2015 combined

Good point. Most likely, 2015 will have more Wii U games in terms of quantity and have less droughts than 2014, but unless they drop both Zelda and a big suprise like Mario Galaxy 3 (or a pokemon MMORPG) they can't beat the quality of titles they released this year.

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I think we will see some delays. Remember these kind of lists with 2013 and 2014? Now it seems that we only have half of the games we were looking for. But I ever expect Nintendo to surprise us :)

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So, I guess we need to factor the delays in our calendars:

January: Captain Toad (JP/EU) - The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal) (US)
February: Yoshi Wolly World
March: The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal)
April: The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal)
May: Splatoon
June: The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal)
July: Mario Maker (JP) - The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal) (US/EU)
August: Mario Maker (US/EU) - The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal) (JP)
September: Some unnanounced game
October: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (WW)
November: Animal Crossing U or Wii Sports U or some Amiibo game
December: The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal)

Everything else delayed.

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