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Do you want Minecraft on Wii U?

Yes 115 68.45%
No 51 30.36%

On Nintendo Life, I came across an article. and they say that the creators of minecraft say with an install base so low, Wii U minecraft probably won't happen. WELL THAT'S A LOAD OF BULLSHIT! The Xbox One has a lower install base and they're releasing it on there. What basturds! A Wii U version makes more sense than any other platform. It has a fucking tablet for crying out loud. Bullshit, horseshit, whatever you call it. That's what this is. I'm tired of 3rd parties being dicks and not at least supporting the Wii U a little. Them not making ANY games for it will make sales worse. As long as stuff like this keeps showing up and pissing me off, i'll probably have a rant thread.

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The game doesn't even look that hard to port.

I am not an Nintendo owner nor a Minecraft player but the decision to not port the game to the Wii U seems outright stupid in my opinion. As you pointed out, install base couldn't possibly be the issue and it obviously is not some kind of hardware problem. Although its' popularity is a mystery to me why would you not want it available on all possible devices since it is so popular.

Is this a game that would generally do well on the Wii U in your opinion? Seems like it does well on every device it is on so I do not see why it would not. Perhaps there is something I am not seeing regarding this decision, though, since I am not all that knowledgeable about the Wii U fanbase gaming habits outside of their first party titles.

even wii hadn't minecraft...:Pwii u should have,minecraft fits better to nintendo:Pa lot of people are requesting  it!

Don't Wii U owners always say they don't want multiplatform games and only need exclusives?


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I think you should direct your frustration at Nintendo- if 1 or 2 third party dev s bypassed the Wii u and someone wanted to say it was due to  personal irrational reasons you MIGHT be able to make a case - but when virtualy every legit third party bypasses the Wii u it is time to focus the problem w Nintendo

I want Minecradt on the Wii u very much - I only own a Wii u but there is no doubt In My mind the issue w Minecradt and countless other 3rd party games lays squarely w Nintendo

The sooner all the Nintendo fans quit believing in some conspiracy theory and or petty "Nintendo bias" the quicker Nintendo may have to do something about it

I love how people always use the " higher install base" as a valid argument, when it's more than just numbers. It's also the common demographic as well, which a lot of people seem to ignore. Look at Minecraft sales on the 360.... One version, even PS4 more so, makes more sense than Wii U version.


Go tell that to Nintendo. As far as i know the respective console versions are beeing published (and so payed for) by Sony and MS. 

You can't blame either of them for not footing the bill for a wiiu version, wouldn't make much sense.

XB1 still has a lower install base, why don't you g and check out how comparable third party games have fared on either system? There is your answer.

XB1 will be a HUGE audience for Minecraft, you do realise 360 is large in part why the franchise is so ridiculously huge right? 15m+ on Xbox 360.

To finalise, third parties have no obligation to support WiiU, and given you don't know what happens behind the scenes (like Nintendo not being good dealing with third parties) it looks a bit rich you demanding third parties to just support the WiiU simply because .. you want them too.


It's not about userbase or hardware. Didn't they even put a version of this on the Rasberry Pi? Who'd use that for gaming? It's barely faster than a PS1

I think Mojang/4J is just waiting for Nintendo to hand them a big lump money to bring it to Wii U and 3DS

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016