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ok lets look at this. When Sega said 4 million everyones response was: ROFL!!! Sega!! what were you smoking. Now everyones response is: 4 million hah! Its a shovelwear game! No one cares about it. Why? do you get down on Sega's first success in a while. Just accept it as a game. And enjoy your good health.

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Fuzzmosis said:
Ari_Gold: You're being retarded. Stop. Casual? Sure. Mini games? Sure. Shovelware? See first 3 words after your name. Unless Shovelware means: Title with a lot of effort specifically planned for and made ground up for a console to you. Then... see first 3 words after your name anyway. Feel free to call me out when you feel I am being retarded as well. Such is the nature of life.

Mr. Ketchup: I'm pretty sure, the correct thing to say (And I was one who said doubtful it would sell 4 million) is that you were wrong. I was wrong, you were wrong, Montanna Hatchet was certainly wrong about the sales of this game. It's not I think, it's a pretty clear truth. Why do people have difficulty saying that?

Besides, for Sega, a company that is constantly facing financial woes, this is a nice enormous shot in the shoulder with a mixture of epinephrine, cocaine and amphetamines. Which would kill a normal person. Oh well.

no need to insult me, its called an opinion. i respect other users, unlike you.

Ari_Gold: Opinions aren't free from attack if they aren't based on reality. If you base your opinion on something entirely wrong, odds are that opinion is wrong and can be questioned, attacked, mocked etc. For instance, if you read the FF7 thread, I had an opinion questioning the quality of FF7's story, and there were some opinions based on incorrect facts, which were mocked and I admitted I was wrong on. I also swore at the person I was talking with, but that's because I'm... well, a dick.

Something that always bothers me is the phrase "It's just my opinion, you can't say its wrong", because that is not true in many cases. Particularily when the topic is barely subjective at all.

So thus, here is what I present. You called it shovelware. Shovelware as generally defined is something quickly put on a console with little care or regard for quality. A joint in house project with Nintendo supervised by Shigeru Miyamoto struggles to fit that definition. Fun? Opinions will differ. Shovelware? Retardation. You can feel free to defend your point and explain just what you're basis your shovelware comment on, and if it's intelligent, I will absolutely apologize to you, as you have made me look like an idiot, but I welcome that. Until then, you earned it. Wear your cap with pride, and defend yourself, or scamper off

See Ya George.

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At least following a comedians own jokes makes his death easier.

So did NIntendo got a cut of the revenues or is it just the licensing fees? Is it an equal trade off with Sonic being in brawl? Any money involved at all?

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Overall, I think this is pretty good ...

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Wii is Sega's best selling game since the Genesis, and (in a lot of ways) is the best game for this to happen to; Mario and Sonic is not a "critics' game" but is an simple fun game which is inexpensive to develop which is exactly the direction Sega should move towards until they have fixed their poor financials.

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Your so anti-PS3 in a thread which isn't even about the PS3 at all... its rather sad and very bad trolling!

Funnily enough you were the one to start mentioning the PS3... which makes it worse! lol

ClaudeLv250 said:
Why do people continuously shit bricks over this game? People like it and it sold, get over it.

*Points at siggy below.* And on that note Halo 3 & Final Fantasy in general is like totally shovelware...

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That's b.c this game is a good game. and sega put a lot of effort into making it.

if super mario galaxy were on ds then it would win

Well it's not the sort of game I would pay full price for but as it's price is steadily dropping in Australia I`ll probably pick it up later this year. Everyone I know who has purchased this game has had considerable fun playing it, and that's what gaming is about in the end.

someone resurrect the thread where sega originally claimed it would hit 4mil.. i feel like some people will be eating crow (including myself i think)