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Apparently, at the same time that EA registered the eatake2.com domain, they might have taken the opportunity to register eaubisoft.com too (although it's not known if it was EA since they used a registrar):


Is Ubisoft Next On EA's Shopping List?

EA's attempt at snatching up Take-Two Interactive for $2 billion in cash may not have been as warmly welcomed as CEO John Riccitiello had hoped, but it may have a back up plan. It's clear that EA is serious about trying to absorb Take-Two, even going as far as registering eatake2.com—yeah, they're into this for tens of dollars already—and it may be also be set on welcoming someone else into the fold soon.

GameCyte points out that not only did EA register the EATake2 domain name through a proxy on February 22, two days before the buy out proposal went public, it also snapped up eaubisoft.com. While EA already has a 19.9% stake in Ubisoft, the French publisher is becoming a more expensive acquisition prospect, based on some of its recent successes.

Yes, the evidence is circumstantial and EA may simply be parking the domain in case any squatters get quick buck ideas, but interesting nonetheless.

EA and Ubisoft? [GameCyte]


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This can only mean good things for gamers.

Sounds like a fit. Ubisoft and EA are both well known for pumping out quality sequels on a yearly basis.

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^Which kind of quality do you mean?

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oliist said:
^Which kind of quality do you mean?

Is that a trick question? I didn't realize there were multiple types of quality.

EA is in the top five highest developers when all games are averaged on metacritic. They're up there with Sony, Nintendo and Capcom. You may not "personally" like their games, but they are of good quality, play well and are enjoyed by many millions of people. Here's a sampling of recent accomplishments:

-One of the few developers of the Nintendo Wii giving ANY effort. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 was the first FPS to learn from Metroid Prime 3 and offer good controls, plus the online doesn't make you enter friend codes. Godfather: Blackhand Edition was the best iteration of the Godfather released, and was hailed as a pretty damn good way to use the remote. Boom Blox is one of the most anticipated titles on Wii and is innovating all of console gaming by including head tracking. The movements of the controller have been worked in well on both Madden and Tiger Woods.

-Skate absolutely blew Tony Hawk out of the water on it's first try, completely innovating skateboarding games. 

Here's some metascores:

FIFA Soccer 08-82


NHL 08-86

Tiger Woods PGA tour 08-80

Madden NFL 08-85

NCAA Football 08-81

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars-85

Burnout Paradise-88

Do these look like bad scores to you? 



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they already tried that once afaik

Lafiel said:
they already tried that once afaik

Yes, and I believe they got 20% of Ubisoft's shares that time (which they still have AFAIK).


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i don't know, i get excited by mergers.

now, that would be truly interesting. we'll have a 3rd party publisher that can actually stand up against the console manufactureres.

it is so darn big in fact, it can make its own console. how about it!

the Wii is an epidemic.

Oh no, Ubisoft makes the best games.

BIG NEWS: EA buys Walmart & Best Buy to sell EA only games.