When will PS4 physical software sales overtake the Wii Us? Predict the week.

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I think we all know that this is only a matter of time now so why don't we try to predict the week it is going to happen?

Some information to help making the prediction.

As of July 5th Vgchartz shows the PS4 3.9 million games behind the Wii U.

upcoming bigger games for the 2:

TLOU:R July 29th

Hyrule Warriors (JP) August 14th

Minecraft PS4 August

Madden August 26th

Destiny September 9th

Hyrule Warriors (EU/NA) September 19th/26th

Fifa 15 September 23rd/26th

There's more but those are the big ones until September (I'm 100% certain that the PS4 will be ahead by September at the latest)



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It all depends on how the sales of MK8 continue but I will take a stab in the dark and say that it will be done by the time Destiny launches, going by the Beta alone... damn that game deserves to sell multi-millions!!!

I'd say week ending 28th September.

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When Destiny launches

13 September.

The gap is 4 million for now.

PS4 386,757 (-19%) 23,084,356
WiiU 245,570 (-08%) 27,007,046

On 28 Augost, the gap will be less of 3 million, the sales of Destiny first week of PS4...

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Destiny launch week.

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Not for a while. I don't get how anyone can think that Destiny will close the software gap by 3m before Smash and once Smash comes out, things will even out again. Destiny will do amazing on the PS4, but not 3m in 3 months amazing, and the Wii U isn't sitting with no software sold while that's going on.

Nintendo's software until Smash won't make much of a dent, though.

I'd say sometime early next year.

Well, this is new.


I thought this already happen lol. After Destiny launches, so by first week of October.

Btw- Why don't we predict when the Xbox One software sales will past the Wii U lol?


Destiny launch week at the latest.

Gonna go with Destiny release week like the other ones...
Seems like the safest choice.

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