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I purchased this one a little while back, have been slowly learning the ropes and making more and more progress. Most recently, I've developed a ship that successfully lands a kerbal on the Mun or Minmus and returns them.

My next three goals are to:

(1) Continue making landings on Mun and Minmus, landing in different biomes, so I can return with more and more Science. I'm getting TONS of science on these trips.

(2) Work on adding a Science Jr. to my lander so I can run more advanced scientific research, return with larger amounts of science.

(3) Try making flybys past Eve and Duna, not necessarily with a Science Jr but it'd be awesome if it DID include that.


I'll post more details later, and even later, screenshots of what I've used to accomplish what I've done. Anybody else play? What sorts of accomplishments have you made? Having trouble figuring something out? Maybe one of us can guide you along. Let's talk KSP!


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Loved this game, they messed up the building controls from the last time I played so I'm having trouble getting back into it. Great game though. Furthest I got was to Minmus as well. Had a ship on a huge orbit around the sun and setting a course to one of the outer planets, forget which, but I never finished that flight.

I love this game! It's so deep and addictive.

My latest spacecraft took so much time and effort to build, probably about 30 hours including all the trial and error. I'm so happy with it though, I've completed return missions to Duna and Dres with plenty of fuel left. I'll post some pictures.

This is the complete rocket.

This is what's left after reaching a stable orbit around Earth.

The lander separates from the interplanetary stage in orbit and they dock again after landing.

This sounds hella complex. I've been too chicken to try it out, as of yet.

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First of all... best game ever.

I am liking 0.24 it is really coming along nicely. The contract language is just procedurally generated word salad, and it broke the only mod I really like (mechjeb it takes all the drudgery out of long missions, yes I can do orbital dockings and landings without it).

Once you get the hang of interplanetary transfers (it is more work to use mechjeb for these) Duna and Eve are a breeze. Not returning from Eve, that is incredibly hard. Mojo is crazy amounts of fuel to catch up with due to it's funky orbit, I usually build infrastructure to facilitate missions (refuelling depots, etc...) Jool is great because you can aerobrake and again build infrastructure to explore the many interesting moons. It is worth dropping a robot probe into Jool to collect science on the way down before it is destroyed.

The NASA asteroid missions are a challenging fun time. Piloting a crazy irregular hunk of rock takes a lot of skill.

I never did get around to posting my pictures. Partially because this thread took a while to get any attention, partially because I just haven't had much time.

Since then, though, I've:

-Completed flybys of Eve and Duna
-Returned from the flyby of Duna (Eve flyby was just a report and abort, RIP Jebediah II).
-Landed a manned rover on Mun
-Done a whole variety of contracts, including the one where you rescue Hudwise Kerman from orbit*

I'm kinda just toying around right now with my next rockets, but I've been working on continuing to do research on the Mun and Minmus.

*Rescuing Hudwise, I didn't realize that the bracket-key control-switch function has different limitations than the Tracking Station. So, when I couldn't switch to Hudwise from the Tracking Station, I assumed I just couldn't select him. So I decided the best method to get him back was to use an Advanced Grabbing Unit. And I got RIGHT up on him and even bumped into him a number of times, but still couldn't get it to grab him. Then I found out the bracket key let me switch to him, and I had extra command pod space, so I was able to get him back. But I got to within 1 meter of him multiple times (including making contact)... without any RCS on this ship. Tedious, let me tell you!


I love seeing Robbaz on youtube play it. Looks really fun.

I just (sort-of) successfully landed on Duna.

My ship didn't land quite smoothly enough, so I lost four of my five engines in the process. Then, trying to take back off, I blew up. RIP Bill.

I've made some adaptations to the ship, so hopefully I'll be able to actually make a successful landing next time and then return.

I don't play with Mechjeb, I feel like it's cheating. So this is going to be a bit of a long mission.


Successfully landed on Duna, but on the return trip, I ran out of fuel LITERALLY less than a second before being able to re-enter Kerbin orbit. As long as I could get back into Kerbin orbit, I can get the ship back. But I ran out a split second too soon. Figure I can probably gain that back if I just retry the return and do it more efficiently this time. Reverted to quicksave on Duna surface... trying again tomorrow...