Who's still playing on his old Gamecube?

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I still play GC games on my Wii, my GC is in the closet.

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Someday I'd love to play on her old gamecube. ;)

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My house is pretty cold and my Wii is in the main room so I play a lot of GC.

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I only use my GC to play GBA games on my TV. And that's been the case for about 3 or 4 years now. >.>

I play my GC every once in a while.

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I'm currently playing ToS, SoA:L and PM: TTYD

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I play my GC games on the Wii, since i sold my GC to my cousin for 40 pounds in January 08 (pretty good deal, with one controller and Melee) and he bought a Wii soon after. I still got some games left, to be honest last generation i was not that much into gaming, i kinda got back to it this gen. But it was a fun console!

I don't have a Wii yet, so I play my GC every now and then. Still need to beat Starfox Adventures, Mario Sunshine and Metroid prime.

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I replayed Sunshine a few months ago but recently I'm still playing Metroid Prime and I'm doing a run of Sonic Adventure DX.

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I still play metroid prime 2, red faction 2, and I occasionally pop in zelda collectors edition.

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