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Let's get a true rating game system on VGC. None of this random junk on every third thread.


Name the company you're rating and the score you're giving it based on MY simple scoring system.

Example = "EA = 1" No halves, decimals, etc. Whole number ratings only.


5 = Amazing show that GREATLY exceeded your expectations. You don't see how it could be better.
4 = VERY good show that surprised you and somewhat exceeded your expectations.
3 = Meh/OK show that pretty much had all that you expected.
2 = poor or boring show that left you mostly unentertained or lacking content you expected.
1 = WTF did I just watch?! FU company... F.... U.... waste of my damn time. You prick.


Company 5's 4's 3's 2's 1's Average
Nintendo 20 36 17 4 1 4.0
Microsoft 0 47 74 13 1 3.2
Sony 6 47 44 9 2 3.4
EA 2 1 15 65 36 1.9
Ubisoft 0 13 54 18 6 2.8



Clearly Nintendo brought it this year and proved that digital events have far better potential than live shows. They created sensational marketing and really delivered this year.

Sony was no slouch. They definitely hit the info that people were anticipating and provide some with important extra benefits. Honestly, they convinced me to get a PS4 sometime in 2015... most likely.

They pretty much had a run of the mill show this year. Seems like people were satisfied but not wow'd.

A bit underwhelming this year. Personally, the announcer annoys me. But basically the games were simply ... ok.

5) EA
Basically a big dud. People are seriously tired of your shit EA. Though with Star Wars info next year, here's hoping come back to shine.

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Xbox- 4/5
EA- 2/5

Ubisoft- 3/5.  Just Dance and that other fitness game was really entertaining to watch but rediculous. The Crew, The Division, AC Unity, Far Cry 4 and Rainbow 6 Sieges all look great though 

Playstation- 4/5. Excellent lineup for PS4 and lots of nice surprises but would of been a 5/5 had they announced more for Vita. I sometimes wonder if Sony are even making anything for there handheld. Also, where was the Last Guardian? 

Nintendo- 3/5. What they showed was excellent but the show was way too short. If I could include the Super Smash Bros invitational, it was a 4/5. That was so fun to watch

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Xbox 3
EA 2


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xbox 4
ea 2

I'm not really here!

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Let me then proceed to give Microsoft a 3 and EA a 2

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Xbox: 3/5 or 6/10
EA: 2/5 or 3/10

I think a scoring system with 1-10 would be better.

MS: 3/5
EA: 2/5

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Only watched MS's so far and I'll give them a 3/5.

updated to here....

Microsoft: 3

EA: 2

Ubisoft: 3

Sony: 2

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