Are Kinect games in development Doomed to bad sales when released ?

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Plain ans simple.

Now that the XboxOne will no longer requier Kinect and gamer's can now (as of June), purchase the XB1 without Kinect, my question is this.

We all know that Kinect was being pushed by M$ in a major way and there are a number of  Heaviy Kinect focused games currently in development.

Are those games now destined to poor sales ?  

Bonus question - Will M$ suffer any backlash from developers by making a Kinect-Less XBoxOne ?

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I doubt there was very many developers who were making Kinect only games. Harmonix is pretty much the only one I can think of.

I don't think they are doomed. There are 5 million shipped consoles with it included. They aren't taking that option away so it's likely to grow even if it's from people who can't find the 399 model.

I know Yusuf Mehdi when being asked if he worries about optional kinect getting less developer support said: "One thing I should say is that we made this decision in conjunction with our games publishers and our entertainment partners."

I hate to say he was lying but Twitter comments from people at studios don't seem that way. I can imagine advertising companies whom may have been sold on every person having and interactive add device are probably a bit disappointed too.

Oh source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2014/05/13/microsofts-yusuf-mehdi-explains-the-xbox-ones-split-with-kinect-2/