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I made a terrible decision. This past thurday I smoked a little with some friends. It's been my first time since early January. I don't really even like to smoke, it's basically just a hang out with friends type deal. They guilted me and pressured me into it since I wasn't going to see them for another 8 months since I am supposed to have an internship this summer with an Oil and gas company. THey also gave me assurances saying I'll be clean in 2 weeks max.

I've been doing some reasearch for the past few days and I'm really getting freaked out! If a urine test is conducted I will likely pass. However, if the dreaded hair test occurs, apparently my history for the past 90 days will appear. What are my chances of passing this hair test? I smoked .3 grams MAX! Even then I tried not inhale it. I didn't even get high honestly. Smoking is really just not my thing. It was really just a friend hanging out thing.

My drug test will likely be in a month or so. I talked to someone who had the same internship last summer and he said they just do a urine test. They might change it though right? I'm just really paranoid right now.

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Isn't a month long enough for hair to grow back?
Get the shaver.

It's nothing really you can do about. Just wait and see.

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Unless you are over-weight you should be clean by now.  Also not likely job will do hair sample test, those are costly.

Never had a hair test.

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Most jobs do not give hair tests, period. You will almost certainly pass a urine test. This sounds almost exactly like a GAF thread the other day. Chill brah, you hardly did any.

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Drink a lot of water and coffee to clean your system.. When peeing in the cup do not cach the first pee but the middle part... Good luck with that last part.. Its harder then it sounds


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I had to have a billion background checks to get my job. I get tested all the time and I've never given hair. Don't worry. But shave your pubes just in case.

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