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Dualshock 4 for me :) It's really great compared to it's predecessors, and I haven't used many other controllers long enough to get an opinion

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Why can't I hold all these no gaemz?

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Cobretti2 said:
n64 controller, however i think a lot of people don't have the right level of IQ to use one so it ends up being their worst. Still see people struggling to grasp the concept.

well you could cut off the entire left side and it would be the same so its understandable

1) DualShock
2) Gamecube controller
3) X360 controller

1. X1 controller

2. 360 controller

3. DS3

4. Gamcube controller

5. DS2

Still haven't tried the DS4 it will probably replace the DS3 as my third favorite once I try it.

Gamecube! :)

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yep, Dualshock 4

The Gamecube-Controller. It has a great layout, especially a,b,x and y. The only bad thing about it is, that it's not as durable as other controllers.

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Damkos said:
zippy said:
Does the Wii U gamepad qualify for a controller, because seriously i love it. If not its the Gamecube controller hands down.

This. Gemcube controller had a terrible Z button though.



No they didn't. It was in the exact same place as R1 or Rb and it had a satisfyingly dense click to them which contrasted wonderfully against the squidgy R and L buttons. It also made a cool sound and always felt apt for bringing up maps or throwing grenades or anything really.

I strongly disagree.

vivster said:
DS3 hands down. Second is the GC controller but the shoulder buttons and Z were just silly.

How do the shoulder buttons differ SO significantly from any other dual analogue controller!?

prayformojo said:

Of all time?

1.) NES

2.) Dual Shock 2

3.) Dual Shock 4

4.) Genesis (second model with textured d-pad)

5.) Xbox 360

This is quite baffling.

Where would you put the Dual Shock 3 then?