Titanfall Beta Feedback / Impressions thread - Update Im in and playing! 11 Minute complete multiplayer vid added!

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How did u got early access for the beta it starts on 14 and when will we guys get in the beta. For pc do we need origin to download.
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how does it looks and performs is frame rate stable at 60fps. Does it feels fresh.
how many guns do we have in beta. Out of the beta question how many modes will be there 3 that are announced or more. Please reply they are questions that are currently stopping me from pre ordering game.

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hopefully I get in and we could party up or something. I'm a pretty good co player, really hoping all my hours of effort on that franchise helps me with a smooth transition.


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Titanfall looks pretty fun, but I have to wonder if it'll be the system seller Microsoft wants it to be. I got done watching the video AngryJoe posted and I have to agree with him on several points:

1.) The game does look fun, and action packed
2.) There is no single player, which will make it hard to market and hard to sell
3.) Why are they so secretive on new information
4.) It's on PC as well, which for me is a no brainer since it will run better than XONE.

My problem is that while it looks fun, how long will it last due to limitations? Multiplayer is only one component, and I don't want to be in it all the time. It does look pretty damn fun though.

pokoko said:
Pilot combat looks highly twitch. Not bashing it, it's just not my style. Mecha combat looks a lot more tactical, however. I'd like to hear more about how the mecha play, if possible. I'd also like to hear how much time is actually spent inside a mecha and if there are any balance issues.

Thanks for the thread.

Thats a pretty accurate assesment. Pilot gameplay is FAST. Faster even the Call of Duty but the amount of movement you can do as a pilot is amazing. Never played a game that allows you to move through a map as fast as a pilot can.


Mechs are as incredible as they look. Massive beasts that can wreck pilots if they arent careful. Titan vs Titan combat is incredile and extremly tactical. Use your weapons or certain powers at the wrong time can result and absolute destruction.

As far as how long your are in a Titan it just depends how good you are. Skilled players can be a Titan for 50-75% of a match if they can stay alavie 

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JoeTheBro said:
How are the guns? I was expecting standard cod stuff but I'm starting to see videos with more unique weapons. Saw a pistol with bullet tracking or something.

The gun your thinking of is the SMART Pistol. Its amazing for taking out groups of grunts. Most weapons feel like sci fi versions of COD guns when your a pilot. Titan weapons however feel like a whole new realm of powerful. 

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Hey buddy besides my big question list I posted before I wanted to know how big are the maps and is player count enough for the map size how big are maps compared to halo, cod, battlefield
What about grunts can u tell more about them how they play react. Do titans have customizable guns. Is smart pistol over powerful? I know you are busy playing goty of 2014 but it will be nice if you answer to my questions.