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Bluepoint Games, the studio Respawn recruited to build Titanfall on Xbox 360, has quietly (and expertly) worked on superb games for some time. Some of them may already be in your collection.

The Austin, Texas developer started up in 2006, founded by Andy O'Neil and Marco Thrush, two veterans of Metroid Prime and Retro Studios. Bluepoint released its first game, Blast Factor, that year, before becoming the industry's go-to studio for HD remakes and re-releases.

Sony recruited Bluepoint for God of War Collection, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Vita, and Flower on PS4 and Vita. Konami used Bluepoint for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection as well.

This is a studio whose strength is in porting games, and doing a fine job of it -- all of these collections feature improved visuals, frame rates, and other technical benefits that make them great. In hindsight, Bluepoint almost seems like the obvious choice for Titanfall on Xbox 360.

Also of note: In July 2013, Bluepoint hired Kynan Pearson -- another ex-Retro designer who recently served as Halo 4's lead multiplayer level designer at 343 Industries. Pearson serves as creative director.


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Every port I've played from them has been excellent.

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