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Fusioncode said:
Oh boy, let the milking begin.

Milk thin air?

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Viva Pinata: Dom's Garden Adventures
Gears of Warcraft
Dance Dance Revolution: Myrrah's Moves
Chairman PresKart
A Baird's Tale

Gears RTS could be pretty good, Microsoft really should bring back Ensemble, Hire old staff, Give them back Halo Wars, AOE and Gears Of War RTS and let them make the Halo Rpg they were originally working on, Having a mainly Rts studio again would be pretty cool, Would definietly buy a new Halo Wars, Gears RTS, Age Of Empire looks pretty cool so I would give that a shot

Will they go Mario route??? Will we have Halo Baseball?

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Gears X K.I.

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pokoko said:
Turn-based, as well. I could see a Gears X-com knock-off.

Or maybe a Senran Kagura style action game, where they lose their clothes when they get hit.

O.M.G. Seriously... That would be awesome :)

A Japanese style Pantsu game?

Gears of Hentai ^^

Noooo. Gears can only work as TPP game.

Gears jrpg FTW!!