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This was said about ps4 which I had no problem with The analog  stick but if someone had said this about Xbox one see how long this forum would stay up on VGA charts


I was at Best buy today and was able to test out the xbone they had on display and the analog sticks are garbage is the only way to put it.

After hearing about the xbone sticks and how they were wearing out very easily i decided to test them out myself.  My test consisted of rubbing the analog stick with my thumb/palm for 30 seconds in a circle pattern, after this time all texture on the xbone stick had been warn off.  I decided to test this for another 30 seconds, after this time parts of the rubber were clearly rubbing off.  I inspected the controller after the final test to make sure i was not just seeing stuff, but on closer inspection the rubber was looking very rough with flakes clearly falling off.  I feel after another 1min of stress testing the analog stick would be useless for continued gaming.

I don't see how microsoft could not see this during the making of the controller or system.  Are the developers using different controllers in their studies?  Did microsoft  cheap out at the last minute for the analog sticks.  How could something like this happen?

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Wow, this is a very late revenge thread. That thread was made like three months ago...

Do the X1 thumbsticks even have rubber on them?

KingdomHeartsFan said:

Do the X1 thumbsticks even have rubber on them?

they do but certainly dont have issues. Theyre indented with textured grooves on the outside.  Theyre really isnt even a way you could rub the rubber because the way theyre made doesnt allow your thumbs to move all over the place. Plus it is nearly impossible to rub off textured grooves like this unless your fingers are like sandpaper.

But yeah this is a very late revenge thread.

WiiU thumbsticks are the worst... I dont know, I just wanted to contribute

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You missed your exit, make a u-turn and go back about 3 months.

Video or it didn't happen

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