Can 3DS outsell PSP (lifetime)?

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Which handheld will end up with more sales (lifetime)?

PSP 69 10.27%
3DS 522 77.68%
About even 81 12.05%

3DS is currently at 42.4m while PSP has sold 80.5m (and it's still going!). 

Do you think 3DS can eventually pass PSP? Where do you think it'll end up in terms of sales?


Here are my predictions

PSP Lifetime Sales: 83.5m

3DS Lifetime Sales: 80m


3DS yearly predictions:

2014 - 13m
2015 - 11m
2016 - 7.5m
2017 - 4m
2018 - 1.5m
2019 - 0.5m

That's 37.5m from now. 

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I think the 3DS will eventually get past the PSP. I'm not sure it will pas 100M in lifetime sales, but this relatively new system has a lot of growth left.

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yeah 3ds for sure man, its very early into its prime.

The real question is what would have to happen for 3DS not to outsell the PSP.

The 3DS should end up passing 80 Million even with the lowest projected yearly sales. Let's say the 3DS does 10 Million this year and in 2015 (which it should do more, especially if there are big releases.) That's around 62 Million. Then we can drop it down to 8 Million for 2016 (accounting for a minor drop) and then you have 70 Million.

After that it should continue to drop, but by the time it's life is over it'll already be north of 80 Million. Maybe even 90 Million, if we are, again, taking into consideration big software releases.

Really rough prediction, but then again I'm not sure how Nintendo is planning on the 3DS' life to go past this year.

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It can get between 80-100M if it have a long live.

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Of course yes

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No 3DS will see a max of 75 million shipped lifetime.

Based on it selling less than the GBA ( 81.51 million shipped ) for it's first 2 full years and it's looking like it will ship less for the 3rd as well.

Yes. It won't outsell the Wii, though.

Not sure. I think they'll end up around the same when all is said and done.