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What year do you think each console will die? Don't include PS3 or 360. 

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ps4- 5 years after ps5 comes out

xbox one- 5 years after xbox 234r5yt89wioy1ft780g comes out

wii u last year.

Xbone: 2019

PS4: Never

Wii U:

The Wii U died the moment it was conceived.... Which was 2008?  In all seriousness though... 2017 or 2018. Nintendo kind of drops support quickly when a new platform rolls out, which I expect will be sometime in 2017/2018.

PS4 will live till at least until 2025...

Xbox One 2020.

Current gaming platforms - Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, New 3DS, PC

Vita - 2015
Wii U - 2015
PS4 - 2029
Xbox One - 2020
3DS - 2018

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wiiu 2016 maybe sooner.

ps4 could run til 2020 like with ps3 still being supported, i would expect ps4 to have the same support after they release a ps5 in 2018-2019, I feel it will be about the same amount of time like last gen.

xbo will be the same around the same times as sony makes their moves, these companies will be in hard competition, not counting if the new CEO ditching xbox.


Wii U will be discontinued by 2016, Xbox One in 2020, PS4 in 2020

wiiU - 2017
Xbox one - 2019
ps4 - maybe 2016 if Sony goes bankrupt, if they don't then it will likely last until 2022

vita - 2015
3ds - 2018


kupomogli said:

Wii U - 2015

PS4 - 2029

Never gonna happen.

Wii U will never die!!!