I just blocked the vita section at my store with a Wii U display

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Wii U sales will triple this week :D

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Good job, one step closer to become a Nintendo executive.

So that would be the unwanted consoles section?

steelabhold said:
Bajablo said:
steelabhold said:
Bajablo said:
steelabhold said:
Your* weird. No offense.

I can assure you he didn't take offence.. stay in school.

I can assure you you look very stupid after that comment... stay in school.


No offense impled of course.

I'll take that as an apology for trying to correct my correct spelling.

Now go away and leave me alone.

*You're. Your spelling was perfect, your word choice was all wrong.

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You're a thug. I'm talking to your manager

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Why would you do that? I thought WiiU's were flying of shelves in your store? ;P


Why block a product no one wants, with another product, no one wants

I went in to block the wii U section, but I couldnt find a wii U section

You should also put up a collection pot in front of your store, ring a bell, while collecting money. Then keep the money for yourself or just leave $5 for charity.


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OP's wii u section