So is Ps4 sold out in your country/city?

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Wanderlei said:
Teriol said:
in my country it is not sold out you can find it in any electronic store.

Same and I can vouche for 7 Gamestops friends work at that they got enough stock to cover pre-order + and extra 25% to sell at door.

This seems like a myth used to justify low sales. Not sure how sales increse with no stock from 93k to 165k, its impossible.

Do you even know what supply constrained means? Every PS4 that is being shipped is being sold, basically going straight to the consumer. They obviously shipped more that particular week. PS4 also launched in more countries this week, So they have to ship to 48 countries now.

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ganoncrotch said:
kabamarutr said:
After reading all this feedback from many countries around the world, I expect a major rise in the PS4 total coming soon.

indeed, I find it quite odd that they're so available in so many countries yet they're still selling for upwards of 200euros more than retail price on Ebay at the moment.

There is a lot of nagging here due to lack of PS4s on the shelves. I guess the situation is similar in any other country where the machine has an equivalent price. I dare say that if Sony push another million machines in the market, they would disappear in a few days/hours.

Prolonging, though, the supply date could have undesirable results for the future of the console. Once the heat has gone and new games arise, new factors will enter each consumer's decision making process.

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sold out in Denmark till next spring as per 1.st december. there will be deliveries in between but those are all preordered. i personally know several people who wants one but has yet to preorder because the waiting list is so long.

as time progress however it feels like people who has no intion of preordering and just want to go in a store to find on will have to wait untill Q3 to have a chance..

i would also make a bold forecast.. i have never seen any similar hype for a piece of electronics (except for the ipad) in this country.. i wouldnt be surprised if lifetime ps4 sales could go as far as surpass 1 million units ( bear in mind this is huge since there is only 5.5 million people living here)

Just got one this morning. One of my collegues knows someone working in an electronics shop and he could secure me one from the latest shipment. My cousin also snatched one in Paris business district, and the rest was gone in a few hours. PS4 ads have resumed so I suppose there are shipments coming everywhere in Europe.

I have seen the PS4 in stock a few times and have bought 3 to resell over the past 2 weeks. I am not actively looking for them though, so idk how "in stock" they are in North Texas or not.

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No there's now plenty of them in Portugal, the Sonyland, at least in my region

sold out? Not even close to that

Actually, PS4 are going begging in my country. People are buying XboxOne´s and WiiU´s.
This is no surprise, actually, since a PS4 costs USD $ 1800 here.

ganoncrotch said:

indeed, I find it quite odd that they're so available in so many countries yet they're still selling for upwards of 200euros more than retail price on Ebay at the moment.

Is about distribution, the official price in my country is 650 U$ the grey market price is 550 U$, so you can easily find it at the official stores but is hard to get from the grey market (they buy it in USA an import it here). And with that price is a luxury item here, but Xbox 360 and PS3 are selling very well as the price has reach the mass consumer in here, hell even the Wii U is selling fine with the reduced price that they started promoting last week (400 U$).

Here in Italy they are in short and unpredictable supply, but, thanks to the crisis, not sold-out, despite Italy being quite Sonyland (but less than in the past). My fav online shop last week had the Killzone bundle sold-out and the base model available, this week it's all sold-out, but last time I went to a physical store, Media World (=Media Markt) they had it in good supply, together with XBOne and Wii U. Today Media World has it available online, but I haven't checked at the store.

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superryo said:
I guess that means VGChartz will will show 0 or close to 0 sales for PS4 from now until February if it's true that it's sold out until then right?

Not really, no.  If Pre-orders were counted as sales as soon as they were ordered, then the PS4 (and likely the One) would be boasting sales numbers several million units higher than they currently are, correct?   As I understand it, even if either console is sold out and waiting for pre-order fulfillment in perpetuity, each 'run' of stock that Sony/Microsoft release is counted once it reaches retail and is transferred to customer ownership.  So, basically, VGChartz could simply update their numbers for the next month or two, via the shipment figures that Sony/Microsoft release.