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The Wii U gamepad is great for remote play, even if the range is limited but the Wii U is a console so I'm not surprised.

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It's one of it's primary functions and specifically made for it, so it better be. I don't know how it's shocking, I mean, a real Blu-ray player is better at playing movies than a PS3 is and dedicated gaming-consoles are better at games than smartphones.

d21lewis said:
PlayMatt said:
Wow, it's the best for remote play and I can't even use it at my bathroom or on the second floor or on the living room... :(

I guess Nintendo limited the range to avoid problems with lag like the Vita has.  Just a guess.

Nintendo didn't do it on purpose they simply had to limit the range

When the frequency of a wave increases its wave length decreases so with WiiU using 5GHz waves it can transfer large amounts of data bery quickly but in avery limited range.Vita uses something that is slightly below or above 2.4GHz so it is slower than WiiU at transfer but covers a larger distance. However if it had used 2.4GHz exactly it would have been a huge amount of trouble as Microwaves and many other thing use 2.4GHz so Vita would have disconnected from the PS4 to connect to the microwave oven because they would be sharing the same signal

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If I remember correctly, what's key to the GamePad functionality is that when the console boots the Wii U and GamePad synchs to match the input and display lag of the telly. That's why it appears to be totally lag free, and Nintendo have that patented too.

Dv8thwonder said:
Cobretti2 said:

The comment section of that article read like an obituary of broken dreams and promises. The negative comments actually are entertaining.

Indeed it is. It would appear some of the comments have made their way here by VGChartz users lol.


Especially when its gone from WIi U tablet is a gimmick. PS4 and VITA can do remote play, so awesome. Then finally to, i don't really see th epoint of remote play lol.



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Dv8thwonder said:
Captain Obvious needs a vacation.

Maybe he can vacation with The Ridiculous Ranger. So he can stop with all the ridiculous Wii U doom threads.

Too bad it weighs twice as much as a Vita but isn't a real mobile device.

AnthonyW86 said:
Too bad it weighs twice as much as a Vita but isn't a real mobile device.

That's because its a controller with a touch screen.

Aquietguy said:
AnthonyW86 said:
Too bad it weighs twice as much as a Vita but isn't a real mobile device.

That's because its a controller with a touch screen.

Yes and that's all it is, no wonder a device of that size is best for remote play, it's all it does.

farlaff said:
KylieDog said:
How does WiiU remote play perform when you're not at home?

I should not be giving an answer to this, but here it goes: it does not, but then you did not have to pay the additional 150 bucks (I myself spent those on games - who woulda thunk it?) for questionable results.

I think his point is there is added value to the Vita as a handheld over the WiiU's gamepad. The gamepad damn sure better work well as that is one of its main functions besides being the actual controller for the WiiU.

The vita on the other hand is a dedicated handheld first then a remote play client. Granted, it's a bummer that the remote play functionality is still gimped by some issues (which could very likely be fixed with some software/firmware updates as the technology matures) but it does work and adds value to an already kick ass handheld product.