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My Dad's nickname since high school was curl. When we first got the interneta t home he made n account on imdb that we both used, and the profile was "curl-6".
I got a little attached to it after he died and used it as my account name on other websites.

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Max King of the Wild said:

Seriously, I've been wondering this for a while. What the hell is a seece and a kowenicki? Kresnik? Pezus?

What do they mean? Explain yourselves now!

haha genius

GhettoGlamour was the name of my "album" back when I did rapsongs. I used to wear shiny jewelery back then and my friends from Las Palmas (which kinda live in a ghetto) use to say I look so glamorous.

Game of the year 2017 so far:

5. Resident Evil VII
4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
3. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
1. Super Mario Odyssey

Talal said:
gooch_destroyer said:
My last name..and destroyer was something I thought was cool.

I would like to change it to "Tiger Suplex Hold"

Wow. I thought your name was sexual. It can't be a coincidence lol.

lol. Yeah, it was my nickname in School too.

ethomaz said:

pezus said:

Wall of text. 

Big question

Did you become a top player?

Well, no...lol. But I was quite decent, and played regularly against the best teams in Iceland (one of which was world-class).

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I'm from Montana. I once got a hatchet as a gift. I like to chop things.

Put the two together, and...

You get a sexy bastard.



Jay520 is Mexican for "His Holliness"

Just a play on Nintendo.

My first foray into the dark world of the World Wide Web was on a forum called DBUniverse. There I learned to troll, and to swear, and to be an all around nasty person, but most of all, I learned to hate...

But that's besides the point! My nine year old self was a massive fan of Dragonball, so naturally when I saw the letters "D" and "B" in such close proximity to one another, I assumed that it stood for my favorite cartoon. Trunks being my favorite character, I modified his name to come up with my own, and I've been using it ever since.

kyo kusanagi my favorite character in any fighting game

is a character from a game name king of fighters.

when I was little I start playing arcades,

I remember when I was playing king of fighters 97 the music every time I had to fight kyo, it was awesome!!! even to this day.

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