A very nice feature in Windows 8.1 but nobody is talking about it!

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I used windows 8 for a year now on my Sony Vaio laptop ;)  and there were always a few shortcomings however I didn't really had a problem with the operating system. It was fast, had a few nice apps though I mainly used the regular desktop after a while. Now with Windows 8.1 I discovered a non-advertised feature that actually is my favorite one too.

Whenever connecting my laptop to my Bravia television it recognises everything in W8 and I use my android phone as a remote. However the desktop wasn't really made for television and that caused for irritating browsing in files and chrome. However W8.1 is automatically scaling all windows and also the start menu which makes using the OS on television much easier. Such a small thing made me really love the new update, especially since I use it a lot on my television. 

What is your favorite feature in W8.1 and what kind of changes do you want to see?


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I'm DLing the update right now... I can't wait... I already wouldn't change win8 for win7.... already thought it was outdated when it launched after vista fiasco.... got no issues with modern UIin tablet or desktop (keyboard/mouse)... it's just plain way faster than any other OS so far once you know how to use it and of course if you know your shortcuts.... never used the start menu before always used search or had my most used apps pined....

the only reason I still use the desktop is because the app in MUI doesn't exist yet or is half assed compared to the legacy one....

and the only thing I would like to see is being able to group tiles under one tile that opens up when we slide over.... especially for games... I'd like a game tile instead of having a gazillion of tiles for each games... a tile for office 365 stud like that.... pretty much like they did on WP8 for those 2 but with the possibility to create your own.... but I guess with the tiny tile that might help a bit...

I'll let you know what I think of win8.1 but from what I have seen... it's just getting better and better....

That's certainly a handy feature. I'm just looking forward to the 8.1 update as a whole because it looks like it will add more convenience. Being able to customize the metro start screen more is certainly a good thing (especially for my tablet).

Now I just gotta wait for the dang update to arrive...been waiting far to long for it >_

Eh, it's pretty much the same for me. Well, at least I can shutdown from the start button (right click) but I was using my keyboard for this so...

The best feature is that it seems to take up less space

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To me, 8.1 breaks more than it fixes.

My main problem is the start button, it is just soooooo pointless. I really liked it not being there and being able to throw my mouse in the corner

The other thing that it does is mess up the resolution scaling for me. Chrome looks fuzzy unless I set everything as small, so by default it makes the most used programme on my PC rubbish. It also means that I have to have tiny things at the button of the screen (battery etc)

On my main PC, I started playing a game only to discover it had turned on 3D settings for some reason.

But there are some nice things, but more problems for me

people use Chrome ??? jk

anyway IE 11 fixed all the issues I had with that website and it looks great....

like the animated BG in MUI

like the right click option to get to all the stuff

loke the fact that you can scale the snap screen and have more than 2 apps on bigger screens...

love the new search

love the new presentation/integration in MUI of a lots of stuff and menus

love the skydrive integration/evolution

love the tiny tiles option

and I guess I still have lots to discover

can't wait for office update with MUI integration... can't wait for GRD3 8.1 for WP if we get goodies like that every year, I'm fine....

I noticed a video not being as sharp, and I personally dislike the start button, it doesn't do anything for me seeing I make my task bar only appear when the pointer is touching the screen bottom. It's faster just going to the corner for me, but I like all the customization features. I'm guessing the video issue was maybe just me being tired seeing I tested it when I got home. I'll check again later. Decent update though, not that big a deal though. My PS Vita had a bigger change in it's previous update lol