2DS is Amoung Us! Who's Getting One? As a Gift or Just For Yourself :-)

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Day 1 9 9.18%
Buying As a Gift 4 4.08%
Later on For Me 16 16.33%
I got my 3DS 28 28.57%
I got my XL 33 33.67%
F*** It, I'll get one Next Year 8 8.16%

I've got a 3ds. I've got a 3dsXL. I plan to buy one as a gift (for my son). But not til later (3/15 - his 5th Birthday).

So I guess I can answer almost any of the poll questions!

I like it. I may yet end up buying one for myself, but there's other new consoles for me this year that have taken precedence over my 3rd 3ds model!

Still, they're practically giving it away and I love that red/white color scheme, reminds me of the old "dogbone" NES.

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I need someone to gift me one T_T

ill probably get one down the line
it looks awesome, but i like 3D so im not really sure

I´m seriously thinking about gettin one to my niece. She already has a 3DS but she doesn´t like the 3d effect and she´s kind of messy with her 3ds (the touchscreen is scratched).

Then I´ll take her old 3ds to my other niece who really wants one, but she´s older and more attentive

I'm not buying 2DS. However, I WILL buy this:

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Got one day one with Pokemon Y :)

I actually know people who have less money then me. And I have been suggesting this one for them. It's a current handheld, it "dirt" cheap, and it can play 3DS and DS games they already have.