Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is SM3DW A Placeholder For Another 3D Mario Game or Is It The Evolution of 3D Mario?

It is a...

placeholder for another 3D Mario 53 37.32%
Nintendo's vision of 3D Mario for next gen. 70 49.30%
See results 19 13.38%

So basically what I'm asking is do you think Nintendo is working on another 3D Mario game similar to 64 and Sunshine or is SM3DW the next step in 3D Mario?  Tbh I think its Nintendo's vision of 3D Mario for this gen because think about it, Nintendo 3D Mario games sell well, but not nearly as well as their 2D Mario games (compare Galaxy to NSMBWii) so now since they are bringing in elements from the 2D series and adding them in the 3D series we could see sales skyrocket and come close to what the 2D series is getting.  If the sales do increase significantly I don't see any reason for Nintendo to ever make another 3D Mario game similar to 64 and Sunshine.  So anyway wha do you guys think?

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I think it will really depend on sales.
Chances are sales will be really good for this new type of 3D Mario and Nintendo will keep pushing it for next generation: one 2D and one 3D for each console.

Of course, a remake isn`t out of the question.

I think it's the real deal. After watching the second trailer, especially, the game looks superior to previous entries in almost every way. It simply looks like a better game. And the visuals go well beyond anything done before. The levels, too, look like they are getting the full 100% effort for creativity that EAD Tokyo is known for. I loved Galaxy but after seeing more of this game I see no reason to go back. I prefer this style. That said, I could see them make another Galaxy game down the road, but for now I think this is where we're headed, and I'm happy. I think you are correct as well in that bringing in elements from 2D Mario to this game could make it more accessible, more fun, and most of all, more successful in sales than any 3D Mario to date.

Even if 3D World is extremely successful I'm confident that we'll get "true" 3D Mario's as well.

forest-spirit said:
Even if 3D World is extremely successful I'm confident that we'll get "true" 3D Mario's as well.

What makes you think that?  I'd think they would make a sequel to 3D World and not bother with a "true" 3D Mario since it would take a lot longer to make.

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Well, Koizumi has another game in the works. He wants to reveal as soon as possible, so there's a possibility. Still, looking at the last trailer, I guess I'm ok with this one. It looks more like a 3D version of the older 2D iterations.

Some of the vids IGN posted were really good, especially the bowser's army one.

KingdomHeartsFan said:
forest-spirit said:
Even if 3D World is extremely successful I'm confident that we'll get "true" 3D Mario's as well.

What makes you think that?  I'd think they would make a sequel to 3D World and not bother with a "true" 3D Mario since it would take a lot longer to make.

One factor is over-saturation. If they keep making 2D and 2.5D Mario games, they will become stale and not be as viral.

There is room for development of products with "less potential" simply because they help fill a niche and provide you additional revenue where "more of the same" would have maybe had a detrimental affect on your success within that product line.

I WISH it was just a...NOT a placeholder, but a 3rd-tier of Mario. A mix between traditional 2D/3D Mario, where now they've added multiplayer. 3D Land was awesome and I'm sure 3D World will be too. I wish that it wasn't a "replacement" for the 64/Sunshine Mario, but I fear it probably is. I don't consider Galaxy to be in the same vein as 64/Sunshine because comparatively, Galaxy is also VERY linear. I'm afraid Nintendo feels that 64/Sunshine were "experimental" and that with more linearity like Galaxy and the mix of 2D/3D like 3D Land they feel they've finally gotten where they want to be with making 3D Mario feel fully tied to its 2D roots. I question whether we'll ever see a true open-world, sandbox Mario game again. I doubt it. That being said, while I WISH it was a 3rd-tier series, I think it's the "evolution" of 3D Mario, at least in Nintendo's mind.

To be honest, I really wish they'd use this 2D/3D hybrid to replace the 2D New Super Mario Bros. least until they can figure out how to stop being so lazy with the graphics, the stage themes, and especially the god-awful (BAH!....Bah-Bah!) music. But they won't....because 2D Mario sells....though it remains to be seen whether Nintendo has realized/acknowledged that NSMB2 and NSMBU are not going to sell anywhere CLOSE to what the DS and Wii games did, regardless of install base differences.

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Personally, I don't think it's a placeholder. It's simply a new 3D Mario. The next one might be very different from anything we've seen before, again, who knows.

Didn't Miyamoto or anyone else from Nintendo say in an interview a while ago that they might revisit the Galaxy-style of 3D Mario again sometime in the future?
This is Nintendo, you never know. Especially when it comes to 3D Mario games, they really like to stir those up. (*cough*unlike 2D Mario*cough*)

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It's a good question. I'm inclined to say it's the "evolution" of the 3D Mario sub-series. That's not to say EAD won't go back to something similar to Galaxy, but I think for now the 3D Land/World design is here to stay. It's a really interesting concept anyway: a 3D Mario that plays like a 2D one.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if there were three sub-series: a 2D Mario, a 3D Land/World Mario, and a spiritual successor to Mario 64. But, right now, I think 3D Mario World IS the successor to Mario 64.