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Which System are you in line for?

PS4 310 73.29%
Xbox One 60 14.18%
Waiting til the prices drop 21 4.96%
Don't need them, I am a PC gamer! 12 2.84%
Already have my next gen = WiiU! 20 4.73%

Microsoft should really consider a Kinect less SKU down the road before it's too late, not everyone care for the Kinect and pay an extra $100 for something not everyone want is a little bit too hard to digest and I'm sure it will put them in a far better position than they are right now.

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Xbox Doomed confirmed!
OT: Not really suprising anymore :/ You should add the option both for the poll
Wasn't there a thead like this last week? I could have sworn I have already read this

Needs a "waiting for Titanfall" option

for the record, the original reuters article was posted here a couple of days ago.

Poll is sales you agree*?

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kitler53 said:
for the record, the original reuters article was posted here a couple of days ago.

"for the record"....


Yeah, I must of missed it.  A few others brought that up. 


We will call this the deluxe version!!!    :)

So you mean the xbox fanboys on this site claiming that XBone will claim North America as its home were talking out of their asses and now look silly?

Doesn't take much intellect or common sense to see the superior package.


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Let's call this one 'undecided'...

J_Allard said:
Needs a "waiting for Titanfall" option

No game is going to have a singular major effect........Especially one that is on PC and 360.

I find this interesting. With that small sample size, the end results may be off by quite a bit, but I do think it shows a shift in mind-share in the US. With the PS4, Sony is at least starting off on even ground with the Xbox One. I'm still calling the US with an eventual 55/45 split in the PS4's favor. That's pretty amazing, given how much more popular the 360 was than the PS3.

Sony has done themselves a lot of good recently, starting with PS+ and making improvements across the board, but Microsoft's missteps have been just as big a factor.

What's really interesting is that, not long ago, many people were predicting the PS4 to finish last and that Sony would be pushed out of the home console industry.