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I have been trying to find a history of sales in Japan of consoles. Would it be right to say that the xbox/xbox360 sales in Japan are the worst ever in the history of gaming?

"...the best way to prepare [to be a programmer] is to write programs, and to study great programs that other people have written. In my case, I went to the garbage cans at the Computer Science Center and fished out listings of their operating system." - Bill Gates (Microsoft Corporation)

"Hey, Steve, just because you broke into Xerox's house before I did and took the TV doesn't mean I can't go in later and take the stereo." - Bill Gates (Microsoft Corporation)

Bill Gates had Mac prototypes to work from, and he was known to be obsessed with trying to make Windows as good as SAND (Steve's Amazing New Device), as a Microsoft exec named it. It was the Mac that Microsoft took for its blueprint on how to make a GUI.


""Windows [n.] - A thirty-two bit extension and GUI shell to a sixteen bit patch to an eight bit operating system originally coded for a four bit microprocessor and sold by a two-bit company that can't stand one bit of competition.""

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Is this surprising?


Playstation = The Beast from the East

Sony + Nintendo = WIN! PS3 + PSV + PS4 + Wii U + 3DS

Yes and yet the 360 is one of the best selling home consoles in history globally.

Amazing huh?

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995

If they don't release any JRPGS for the XB1 outside of the multi plats Kingdom Hearts and FF, then the XB1 will be even worst looking at the TGS lineup.

They are just releasing the system over there to keep the status quo. MS will do fine without Japan, as they did last gen.

It's just that simple.

They are pretty bad, but after about 3 years of support and 4 years of not much support you cannot really expect much.

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Don't bother to worry about sales in Japan. It's not worth even wasting time on sending the XB1 there.

Farsala said:
They are pretty bad, but after about 3 years of support and 4 years of not much support you cannot really expect much.

3 years of support in a country that simply dont care for it

171 units this week, Soon it will probably be discontinued in Japan.

MS started of so good in Japan with lots of software but the Japanese just don't care for the console so its always been struggling to keep up with Sony and Ninty in that region,

Won't see many xbox one exclusive japanese games in the next generation

That's pretty much asking for a death wish

*Abysmal. And yeah, they can't figure out Japan I guess.