Who has officially preordered the Xbox One or PS4? Where?

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So which and where?

Xbox One-Amazon 44 5.85%
Xbox One-Gamestop 54 7.18%
Xbox One-Other 57 7.58%
PS4-Amazon 168 22.34%
PS4-Gamestop 147 19.55%
PS4-Other 132 17.55%
Both-Amazon 5 0.66%
Both-Gamestop 7 0.93%
Both-Other 9 1.20%
Neither 129 17.15%

None,I'll be waiting until 2014 to buy the consoles.

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Paid off PS4 in full at Blockbuster (yes, they still exist).

I voted neither. Can't even if I wanted 2. Just don't have the funds. :(

Virus_Of_Life said:
Paid off PS4 in full at Blockbuster (yes, they still exist).

Well if you say so....

Neither, waiting for next NaughtyDog game to buy PS4.

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Add me on PSN. Thanks.

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Pre-ordered 4 PS4 from Gamestop, 1 PS4 from Amazon and 1 XBO from Gamestop. XMAS presents done, LOL.

Got both preordered and paid off at gamestop, with bf4, watch dogs, ac4 and dr3 all preordered as well. Cant wait.


Got a PS4 at Amazon.ca, though I don't trust them to get that to me day and date of release. Will likely try to pre-order a PS4 from Gamestop as well, and give it to someone else, I just don't know who.

I probably will get an Xbox One eventually, but it certainly won't be this holiday season. There's been too many attempts at fucking us all over for me to trust them, I hate Kinect, I don't want to pay for online (I know Sony makes you do this too, but i've already got another year and a half of PS+, and the service is definitely worth having so I don't mind as much, I just don't wanna pay more than double just so I can keep both systems online), and I just can't afford over 1000 dollars after taxes and accessories for both systems. I had to cut one from my holiday, and the Xbox One has the least to offer.

I already have a WiiU, and while it's nothing special yet, it will be thanks to Wind Waker HD, Earthbound (which I'm getting ASAP), and donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

I got it all, baby! 

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I'm gonna wait for inFamous Second Son to launch before I get a PS4.

Preordered a PS4 from Gamestop. I was going to hold off but I love me some Killzone.