Will Mario Kart do for the Wii U what it wasn´t able to do for the GameCube?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Mario Kart do for the Wii U what it wasn´t able to do for the GameCube?

They should capitalize on this right away by making a Wii U bundle with Mario Kart like they done with the Wii version then we could see 20 million+ lifetime.

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seeing what Pikmin 3 just did in just freaking Japan, it's safe to assume that this will move Systems and Software big time

MK is much bigger.
MKwii brought MK to casuals, and they still want MK.
but cant stant the sales of wii cos of the instaled base.

But if you think, there were 7 mil MK in 20 mil GC. 1/3
there were 34 mil in 100 mil wii, 1/3
I spect the same for wii U.1/3 for the total wii U sales.

What did MKDD not do for the GC? It sold a great 7 million out of 22 GCs! Definitely helped moved systems and made Nintendo some good moneys.

Yeah 7 mill out of a userbase of 22-23 million is pretty darn good.

I think Mario Kart 8 will do 7-9 million and be the best selling Wii U title when alls said and done. Maybe more if they make it the defacto bundled game, but my guess is they won't since it makes them more money as a standalone.

Like the MK Wii bundles didn't come out for a while after Nintendo had already made a ton of profit on the standalone copies.

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Yes. The series has grown even more popular than the GameCube days.

TheShape31 said:
The numbers are misleading. The GCN had an incredibly small install base. Meanwhile, the Wii's install base was quite large, plus MKart Wii was bundled in with hardware as well. Bundles sell software big time. It has nothing to do with the franchise 'growing', only better hardware sales tactics. When MKart U comes out, unless it's bundled with hardware, it will likely see GCN-like sales. In no way will it sell huge with the small install base of Wii U. And if anyone's expecting this game to save hardware sales, just look at what happened with GCN. Not much of anything.

most of the mario kart wii sales were not from bundles, it sold something like 15 million before a bundle even came out and even after that it was still flying off the shelves.  Compare the more recent MK wii to the SNES, N64, and GC versions.  Now compare the 3DS and DS versions to the GBA version.  Notice how the DS version peaked in 2008 when the wii version came out despite coming out 3 years earlier.  The MK franchise hasn't been the same since the wii version came out, it's now a mega franchse.  Userbase has an effect but MK is not what it was in the GC days.

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This is just my personal opinion, but I think Mario Kart: Double Dash was just ANOTHER game with a poor direction on a system that saw MOST of its potential big selling titles make questionable decisions. I realize that to a lot of gamers, especially the hardest of the Nintendo "hardcore," the Gamecube's unique titles are highly regarded and well-liked. I can respect that. To me personally though...Mario Kart: DD was just another game on Gamecube that didn't really give the fans what they wanted. To me, Sunshine was a poor follow-up to Mario 64 (as evidenced by SO many people, myself included, STILL wanting a proper sequel to Mario 64), Wind Waker is fantastic but artistically isn't at all what people wanted at the time, and then Mario Kart: DD is kind of the black sheep of the Mario Kart franchise for various reasons.

So while I'm sure Double Dash DID help the Gamecube's sales at the time...Gamecube had a host of other issues to contend with. Wii U has MANY issues at the moment too, but from what I've seen, the games that are coming in 2013 are more true-to-form, straightforward (slightly safe, yes, but when you need sales, that's okay) and SHOULD help the momentum. Then, in 2014, it's looking like the games are a little more adventurous...either pushing the system's graphics more or offering more NEW things in the actual gameplay. The games coming out in 2013 should help the Wii U have a solid holiday and then following that up in the Spring with Mario Kart 8 should help things stay positive well into 2014. If things DON'T go well during the holidays, I think Nintendo would use Mario Kart as it's trump card...either bundled WITH the system OR announcing a price drop right around the time of its release, both of which I think would work. Either way, I DO think Mario Kart 8 will play an important role in either maintaining and growing Wii U's sales or saving it all together. Mario Kart IS a bigger franchise than it was back in the Gamecube era, and with 10 solid first party titles coming starting with Pikmin 3 this year, adding in Mario Kart along with Smash Bros., X, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, SMT X Fire Emblem and eventually Zelda should ensure that the Wii U reaches a healthy, respectable install base of at least 25-30 million or hopefully more.

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