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thetonestarr said:
antfromtashkent said:
This is not the same head tracking that was on u tube it works wackwads. the remone has to be stationary and there should be infared sensors on the glasses, unless im an idiot and i donno what im talikg bout (please correct me if thats the case) but here is the link to real headtracking.

 No. Johnny Lee Chung sets it up that way, but it DOES NOT have to be switched around. It can most certainly be done just fine without being switched.

 Ahh my bad

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I'm pretty sure the reason for Johnny doing it backward is because having a wiimote strapped to your head is pretty heavy.

I have an N-Gage... and still play it.

I can see one valid reason why Johnny Lee did the head tracking the way he did, and it is that it is reasonable to assume that a person is always facing the tv - and thus the wiimote - more or less directly, which almost completely eliminates the problem you have when you tilt the sensor bar around the Y axis, which results in the IR led angle change which would be interpreted as a change in the distance. With the IR leds mounted in the goggles, you can safely assume that they are pretty much always perpendicular to the wiimote, and any change in the angle can be attributed to distance change.

JHawkNH said:
Smidlee said:
@ JHawkNH
Isn't the Wii motion sensor not as responsive as the IR? Also as you noted the Wi isn't really design for the IR/mote to do head tracking especially in 6D movement as you need a third point. What you describe sound a lot more harder to pull off than just adding a third point for the IR to track, thus a completely different device is needed as in Wii-fit.

Actually I believe the motion sensors are more responsive then the IR camera. The reason it is not used for pointing is because you need to know the start position of the remote, and there is no way to determine which way it is facing without a point of referance. The is the reason of the IR being used in the pointer function.

And yes it will be slightly harder to track the 3D position of the wiimote, but it would not be as hard as you think. The calculated position of the Wiimote would be verified by the IR and adjustments made as needed.

Yet there is a difference between tracking motion and tracking position. This is why it seems in wii sport it's better to swing your wrist instead of your whole arm. IR tracking to me seems a lot more responsive and more accurate.