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Did you change your console of choice for next gen?

No, I had already decided... 64 10.60%
Yes, I was considering a ... 33 5.46%
No, I'll stay with the P... 437 72.35%
No, I own or will get a Wii U. 36 5.96%
I'll explain my other ch... 34 5.63%

Well if they decrease the Xbox 1's price to $399 at launch then I will get an Xbox 1 first and get a PS4 after 2-3 years. But, at the moment, I've decided that I will get the PS4 first since its much cheaper, and then get an Xbox 1 after 2 years to play Halo 5.


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also find it funny how ppl, say sony never did this shit to them. like m$ did at first with the announcement of the xbone. they have if u have been a gamer for as long as i have. either way, now ppl can stop complaining and bs about the xbone. and for once , talk about the damn games, which both systems do have to cater to the ppl who do buy the system.

Who said this?

Nope, still buying both of them.

I have very mixed feelings with the MS change. I think some things were needed, but others went to far.

I liked how MS was trying to move the industry forward, I just hated that they were doing it at gun point.

This just seems a step back, not even a "Ill meet you halfway"

nope, i don't have enough time for 2 consoles

Ill get a Ps4 when Sony makes Ape Escape 4..... probably wont get a Xbone though and i already have a Wii U

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Already pre-ordered the PS4. No change there.

The XB1 is likely in the not too distant future, most likely after the price hits $399, which should coincide with an established library of games on the platform, including the few exclusive franchises that were on the XB360 I particularly enjoyed. I still don't see myself subscribing to XBLG as it will simply be a secondary console for single player.

So maybe in 2-3 years? Who knows, maybe sooner if the price drops faster or some developer or MS blows my mind with something awesome related to Kinect 2.0 although I must admit, as great as the potential for the tech is there, I have a sneaking suspicion it will just mean more exercise games, dance games, flail games, and me having the option to use vocal commands to control the XB1 UI.

I will be buying it, but then, I always was. What I find funny is the people who ONLY opted for a PS4 to spite the X-One. Not that they really had an interest to begin with. Can't blame MS for backpedaling when their fans do it too.


I got a little excited and stated I was back in the Xbox camp. But after some convincing from some friends I'll still be getting the PS4 first. I'll get the Xbox One later after a price drop of some sort.

I will get an xbone thanks to the policy shift, but probably two years after I get a ps4, pricing is important.

Depends if I can afford and support all consoles this generation. It will come down to finances in the end. Lol