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Check it out guys! Good info and entertaining.

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That was pretty awesome. I think it does bring to light something that I've noticed: people are outraged about situations that really don't affect them much personally. They never buy used games or sell what they have, but are outraged that they can't. They always are connected whenever they play, but are outraged that it may require an internet connection. They keep their old consoles, but are outraged about a lack of BC. They are angry about the entertainment focus of this event, but blow off that likely means their E3 presser will be more focused on games than it ever has been. They buy tablets and phones that cost as much as a new console but do less, but are outraged about the likely price of this.

People are just so angry and on edge about such trivial things. Do pharmaceutical companies that produce blood pressure medications troll the internet setting fires? Did I just uncover a conspiracy that will get me killed ...?

I'm watching it right now. It's an excellent video and I think does a good job of keeping things in perspective.

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