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I am talking games that you bought expecting to have a good time but the game was so fucking good that blew you away, games that you bought with almost no hype or games that you had on your radar  but you didnt expected that game to be a masterpiece.


to me from previous generations:

metal gear solid - bought this game when it had a platinum edition, at that time i hadnt internet and i didnt pay too much attention to gaming magazines etc, only thing i cared was tekken 3 lol at that time. this game became one of my favourite of all time.

soul reaver - another game i bought and only had seen 3 pictures lol . This game was amazing.

this gen only the one that i can say is dark souls maibe, i was expecting a good game but that game is a masterpiece, i miss the day where a game blows me away , these days devs show too much of the game, when you play you already expect the good stuff.


what are yours?


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finalfantasy ix, thought it was going to total junk, ended up being my fav game of all time

Nier. I remember seeing the first screenshots and laughing about how much the sheep looked like rocks. Little did I know it would become one of my favorite games of this generation.

Yes Nier!!

red dead redemption and killzone 2

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HeadHunter on the Dreamcast.

One of the very last Dreamcast games. Game got cancelled in America and Japan, I decided to pirate it and was expecting it to be cancelled for a reason.

Boy was I wrong. To this day I don't remember a game that blew me away more.

Demon's Souls
No More Heroes

Most recent game is Okami. Great humor, good story, good game.

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red dead redemption is the first game that comes to mind. excellent game! It even looks great! too bad it never came out for pc.