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roughly translated

"Mark Cerny & Yu Suzuki talking strategy for Shenmue III. Guys for real"

The dream is it becoming reality at GDC 2013? It seems that Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny, the "architect" of the PS4 are in discussion about ... Shenmue III!

This is a tweet from Meggan Scavio, General Manager of the GDC, which just set fire to the Internet: it swings this photo of Yu Suzuki, creator and developer of the historical saga unfinished Shenmue, alongside Mark Cerny, Developer Emeritus and "Achitecte" the PS4 and adds the comment: "Mark Cerny & Yu Suzuki talking strategy for Shenmue III. guys for real!"
Shenmue 3 in on PS4 excluded, it is possible!

Admit that we do not clearer, and the person to the source of the tweet is not anyone. In short, this is probably the beginning of a source of hope as we have seen concrete around the fantasy of one day tumble see Shenmue III. And if all this takes shape, you can of course bet on the PS4 in excluded, of course.

I believe it prevents ... This is CRAZY!

Below is the original tweet and the picture that goes with ...

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For really real?

I swear this will happen every generation.

"for real you guys" Should be the hint to those of you who cant detect sarcasm.

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Last thing I heard about Shenmue was that it might use kickstarter to finance the game...

Shenmue was awesome and one of the best games ever, but I gave up hope long time ago.

I mean, which of Segas current development teams would be able to create a game that deserves to be a Shenmue sequel?

Please let it be true!!!!!

I'd rather have Yakuza 5 localized first. That way I know Shenmue 3 would even stand a chance of being localized.

Well, they're friends. But no. I think this is just her teasing us about something that will never happen. A bit mean.

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pardon me for my ignorance...but what is shenmue?

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