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its not a deal breaker but i think it serves as a disadvantage for sony at this point with such great titles coming out right before the launch. Beyond, Last of us in a few weeks, and GTA5 almost right before, sales they would have made if it would run on the ps4. But since it doesn't and you have moved on to a ps4 since you traded in your ps3 to get the ps4 cost sony and the developer potential sales.


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Majora said:
I love BC. Love having one console that can play pretty much everything it's predecessors could. I got into PS3 late so still have loads of games I wanna play and intend to get. I'm really annoyed at lack of BC in the PS4 and even more irritated about the lack of Blu ray player as the whole reason I started getting Blu rays was because of the PS3 and I don't see why they won't include this. It's bitching yes but no BC matters to me.

I'm currently playing Pokemon White 2 on my 3DS XL, something I wouldn't have been able to do had Nintendo decided not to include BC. Loving every minute.

Have I missed a bit of news where Sony said they wouldn't be using Blu Ray? I know the rumor mill is saying that the NextBox won't have Blu Ray but rather some other format, but nothing on Sony not going forward with the format.

Its always a nice feature but not as necessary today as yesterday.

The PS3/X360/Wii all have features that were missing previous gens that could be very annoying (cabled controllers that had to be neat if not used and hooked up, etc) Also, in the case of the PS3, I will still use mine as a BRPlayer so it will be available regardless.

If anything the convenience of using 1 controller, with 1 input to your tv/monitor with 1 input into surround sound is a very nice feature.

i see the (few) benefits BC gives gamers, but i find the expectation of, BC enable, not understandable. Games are designed and sold with the information that they ONLY work on the system it says on the box. Downloaded games form PSN and XBLA express that same information. If console makers can bring that feat. to a new console, it should be treated as a plus they gave you, not the way its now, when it does not have console makers are treated as anti-consumers. Then theres the price, people often say: "i will not spend more than xxx$ on a new console" and also want all feat. they can imagine in it (BC being one of the most requested by these "cheap" people), this is counter intuitive. And last, IF the technology leap we rightfully expect from a new console its the reason we end up without BC... To hell with BC then...

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It was great to have in the Wii U as I sold our 25th Anniversary Red Wii to help pay for the Wii U and was able to keep our extra controllers and the games that get played the most...SSBB, MK Wii TLOZSS Etc... It's also nice as we had several games downloaded from the Virtual Console series that we can still play. These are classics that are always fun to play. My biggest problem with the PS4 not being backwards compatible is that my downloads on the PS3 wont work. I also like to keep my entertainment center clean and organized, and don't like the fact that I'd have to keep my PS3 also once I get a PS4. It also sucks that I can't use any of my extra PS3 controllers on the PS4. Anyone who has a PS3 now will have to spend more money on the PS4 because of this.

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Not very, I still have my PS2 and Xbox set up in my tv cabinet. I think the recent success of the PS3 indicates that people don't care as much as they let on.

it's somewhat important to me but not a big enough deal for me to not get a PS4; I'm buying a PS4 to play next gen games. I hardly sell my systems so I'll boot up my PS3 when ever it's necessary.