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I finally managed to get all my stars turned into Wii points... It has taken me a couple of weeks of checking the website at 1am but yesterday I used my last 400 stars.

Stars (for you none European users) are like a clubcard type scheme that has been running on Nintendo-Europe for a while now, with each game or console you buy you get a code that gets you a number of stars for your Club-Nintendo account, but only recently has there been anything decent to buy, those being Wii points

total number of stars converted: 2400
Wii points: 600

I started checking occasionally in early January, and once found the largest of cards available, but as I didn't have enough stars (4000 needed) I could not get it.
finally on the 14th of January I found there were some 100 Wii points cards available (400 stars) so I got one then, but found out I could only buy one card per day.

I had at least learnt what time to go on the site now though, so the rest of my Wii points were bought, all as 100 point cards early in the morning.

Free is free I suppose, even if I have to buy 8-10 more Wii games just to get a free NES game.

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What stars are these???

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stars? what stars?
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Oh sorry, this is the PAL scheme that Nintendo Europe have going... people have been able to collect stars by buying Nintendo games/consoles but until now the only incentive was some crappy wallpaper or a keyring, Now we can buy Wii points with them.

However with a full price game you get 250 stars, or with some games (RE4Wii/Endless Ocean) only 200 stars... so you have to have bought a lot of games to get many Wii points (400 stars = 100 points)

i never knew about this. how do i get these stars?

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Well I think they work in Australia, not sure.

whenever you buy a Nintendo game over there do you get a slip of paper in the game case which has a scratch off panel?
If so then you can join Club Nintendo (go to www.ninendo.co.uk) and give these codes to add stars to your account.

That feature has been around since the Gamecube was launched, but the only things the stars were useful for was to get nintendo wallpapers for your desktop, or if you had an insane amount of stars you might be able to get a t-shirt.

Now though you can link the account to your Wii points account, and buy Wii poins with the stars, which involves being on the site at the right time (which is probably mid morning for Aussies) then you get a code given similar to that on a normal store bought Wii points card.. enter that into the shop channel and voila.

The annoying thing is I had a GameCube and 14 games which I think all had these slips in, but due to the lack of proper incentive I threw them all away... so many stars lost.

I have also exchanged all mine I plan to get harvest moon with my points ( I have never played it ). You used to get 5 points each day from visiting the web site but since the new site was launched that has stopped , shame.

They're not worth the effort. I exchanged 15-20 games for Breath of Fire 2. Better go and buy a card than go through all this mess. Thanx Nintendo.

It is not really any effort to get free points just log on to a site and put a number in (from Nintendo games) then select buy card and get a number to put into the Wii.

I think it's great.

Kinda old, I remember this stuff mentioned last year. Listen, all you have to do is go RENT the game from blockbuster or whatever you guys call it there. Take the little slip behind the manual which hold the key that you can type into Nintendo.com and get points (stars) whatever. I'm not sure its going to work over there since they might not give you guys the manual when you rent your games but it worked for me. I became a sage by registering like 7 games over the course of 1 week. Just return the game the next day saying its damaged and they will give you a different game of your choice.

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