New Call of Duty Game Confirmed For 2013

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Somini said:
NintendoPie said:
coolguy said:
Lets hope its a next-generation. cod that would be awesome..

I doubt Activision would put it on systems that don't have nearly the amount of potential buyers as PS360.

That's why i find this news interesting and not the fact that it is to be expected every year :S

I mean if Activision brings the game out this year, then it will certainly be made for the PS3 and 360. If the next gen consoles release this year, they will still not have that big of a userbase come november 2014. So what will Activision do? 2015 first next gen Call of Duty or what?

I would expect either 2014 or 2015 to be the first next-gen CoD.

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Truly shocking...

I hope this bombs, but knowing gamers.....it'll sell more than the last derp/

For real this is probably the one I don't buy this year. Unless the PS4 version blows my mind.

And here I was thinking I'd be original and come and post a thread feigning surprise.

"CoD: Future Wars" I called it first.

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This has brought me out of lurking to express my astonishment

What a surprise!

Dammit i caved in and put a preorder for my N-Gage. Screw next gen. Nokia's gage is where real gaming is at.

Too bad everyone will have spent their money on GTA 5. Worst selling CoD confirmed?

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How are people still buying cod games? I got one a a christmas present and I've barely touched it.