Nintendo fans, Why do you hate Sony so much?

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This is a very serious question and i demand an answer for it immediately , Dudes!

Why do you hate Sony? I've noticed a lot of hate towards Sony by Nintendo folks and they always side with Microsoft. is it because Sony is the first one to beat you in the console wars. Or what?

Please comment with a reasonable answer without trolling or flaming.

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New thread: Sony fans, why do you hate Nintendo?
Better yet: MS fans, why you hate Nintendo?
How about: Nintendo fans, why you hate MS?
Wait: MS fans, why you hate Sony?
Last but not least: Sony fans, why you hate MS?

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I don't hate Sony. I just prefer Nintendo.

Because they like to hate on things that are successful.

Sony who?


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You are over thinking things, it's actually the other way around for the most part and usually by the same few from the extreme posters attacking the Wii U while they still could :P

Because Sony does what Nintendon't in terms of third party software ;o.



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Oh and for awhile it was the Vita camp attacking the 3DS even before the Vita was released lol, but very few actually shoved that stuff into the faces of people who love the Vita, though many were against my predictions and prolly still don't like me very much on that front..... but I like Sony products just fine.

I really have seen very few Nintendo fans here actually attack Sony because they're Sony.

If anything, Sega fans should dislike Sony for the exact same reasons Sony fans dislike Microsoft (Money-hating exclusives, hype marketing...)