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How would you score Link's Awakening (NS) out of 10?

10 3 21.43%
9 3 21.43%
8 3 21.43%
7 3 21.43%
6 1 7.14%
5 0 0.00%
4 1 7.14%
3 0 0.00%
2 0 0.00%
1 0 0.00%
HylianSwordsman said:
curl-6 said:

I'll have to see some gameplay and get some idea of what the game will be like mechanically before I can get hyped, but I am very glad to see them stick with BOTW's style. I'm liking the darker vibe too.

2021 release at the earliest though; if there's one thing we've learned about the Zelda team it's that they take their time.

Based on the footage, it looks like it has been in development for a little while already. Looks like a Majora's Mask style sequel, reusing the assets of the first game, which means we could see a much faster development time. Holiday 2021 should be pretty easy for them to accomplish.

2021 should be a safe bet in terms of development, only reason I added "at the earliest" was to take into account other factors like if Switch 2 comes out in 2022 and they wanna hold it back as a crossgen release like BOTW.

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First Look Trailer at Sequel to BotW!


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New Cadence of Hyrule Trailer!


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Special Editions announced for Link's Awakening (EU wins, as always)

That limited edition is awesome of links awakening! So hyped for Botw sequel

Gosh, amazing trailer for BotW 2!
Loved the dark tone!

BTW, after searching, reading and watching analysis of the trailer all the day, I've come with some interesting comments and theories:

1. As many have guessed, I also belive the dead corpse is Ganondorf.
2. I think that at the end of the trailer when we saw the castle going up, maybe the malice will cover Hyrule and could transform the kingdom into the "dark" version. I remember people believing BotW was going to have a dark world version. Could this be the one?
3. Others have said that maybe the quake will fracture the terrain and we are going to see a lot of differences through the land, being caves the most prominent difference compared to the og game.
4. This is the most interesting one: the green magic that is holding the corpse, may be magic or sheikah tec. Once the corpse get free, Link may absorb that magic/tech in his right hand, and it could transform into different things as a replacement of the sheikah slate. Let's remember that one of the concept art shared by Nintendo was one with Link and his right hand as different weapons.
5. This is just an observation on my part: we saw during the trailer that the magic hand is holding the corpse, but at some point we see the same hand holding someone's arm. What if, the hand holds Zelda as a replacement of the evil corpse and we have to save her? Or maybe is Link the trapped one?

Anyway, I expect the game to come, at the earliest, holiday 2020, but most likely march 2021. 4 years after BotW.

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Mar1217 said:
Wyrdness said:
Things to note from the trailer first take:

- Link's core mechanic is going to be something to do with his arm, what ever that ethereal arm holding who is assumed to be the main antagonist is in place surely gets passed on to Link as it's seen in a scene appearing to save him.

Yup, pretty much this. 

Now does this mean the sheika tablet will become useless ? Probably for some story reason.

I'm actually expecting the castle to get transported into a new land of sorts where Link has to rely on this new found ability.

The tablet belonged to Zelda who likely gets taken so it's most likely a case she had it when she was separated from Link.

haxxiy said:
So, when do you folks expect BOTW 2? Late 2020? Early 2021?

Um... late 2021.