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BotW DLC #2?

Yes! 3 21.43%
No! 3 21.43%
Epona-cycle! 2 14.29%
See results 4 28.57%
Link's Awakening got the recognition it deserves

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What a terrible list from Kotaku. Link's Awakening second, Oracle games third?

what an ugly list!

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fedfed said:
what an ugly list!

Yeah, there's not much worth defending there.

I do appreciate A Link Between Worlds being in the top 6, although I'd probably go even higher. Maybe fourth place.

Veknoid_Outcast said:

Kotaku Ranks the Zelda Games, from Worst to Best:

15) Tri Force Heroes
14) Zelda 2: Adventure of Link
13) The Legend of Zelda
12) Phantom Hourglass
11) Spirit Tracks
10) Skyward Sword
9) Twilight Princess
8) The Minish Cap
7) Ocarina of Time
6) Link Between Worlds
5) Wind Waker
4) Majora’s Mask
3) Oracle of Ages/Seasons
2) Link’s Awakening
1) Link to the Past

Yeah, I saw this list when they posted it.  Ugh.  Lots to disagree with.

I have never played the multiplayer Zeldas, or the DS games, so nothing to say there.  I do agree that the NES games have aged poorly.  It does feel bad to put the original that low, but what are you going to do?

I do have trouble comparing the 2D games to the 3D games.  But within the same style is easy enough.  For the 3D games, Wind Waker is way too high.  Skyward Sword is way too low.  Just flip those two and it would be a much better list.  For the 2D games, I guess I can't really argue with LttP>LA>OoA/OoS.  But all those 3 at the very top?  Meh.

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