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It's so hypnotic!!!

England 62 10.47%
France 107 18.07%
Germany 16 2.70%
Iceland 3 0.51%
America 295 49.83%
Canada 3 0.51%
Japan 17 2.87%
China 15 2.53%
Italy 11 1.86%
Other 61 10.30%

This should be fun!

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Fun to see how quickly the ban hammer falls? *backs away slowly*

Woah! I wonder how this thread will turn out... *runs away*

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

From my honest experience? The French! *runs away and hides from a ban hammer*

you made a thread for people to basically insult other people.... yeah this thread isn't going to last long...

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Definitely Americans hands down! its not even close, no offense to americans though.

Americans(USA), Spaniards, Argentinians, in that order, believe me... besides, it's a fact that jumps every border so...

The French by a country mile.

No it's not to insult other people lol It's just to hear people's opinions.

Me own country. Germans CAN be pretty arrogant. But most aren't.