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Get the game, its awesome. It looks meh if you watch it in videos but its a totally different experience when you play it.

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Old news, sonny. But yeah, it's pretty awesome and really addicting if you get into it.

Yes... yes it is. Just got it a few days ago in the Steam sales.

What is ftl?

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agreed i got on steam a couple day's ago and it is awesome

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spurgeonryan said:
What is ftl?

Something tells me turkish intentionally not giving the full name in hoping people thinks the game calls For The Lose!! lol

It's Faster Than Light.

Not only is this a duplicate thread... it's a duplicate title!


I'm fine with it though, because it is a great game.


For whoever who doesn't know.

What took you so long to realize that?

The game is rather short though, but that's excusable for its price and it has a lot of replayability value. Novice players probably won't have any problems beating in on Easy in a single run, on Normal though it might require half a dozen runs (since it's practically roguelike in space, dice might be against you regardless of skill before you're lucky).

//Wonder if anyone used the names of actual or scifi spaceships/cosmonauts in the game? :)

mai said:

Novice players probably won't have any problems beating in on Easy in a single run

I found it bloody hard to beat the end boss even on easy :'(