Whats Better? 2D or 3D platformers?

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2D or 3D Platformers?

2D (Keep it Old School) 14 40.00%
3D (This is the Future!) 21 60.00%

Simple Question whats better? I play Lots of Nintendo Games, Mario has alot of both platformers, Metroid is good with both IMO, DK 64 was good but i like 2D more as it gives more of a Challege.

I play other consoles which has excellent 2D platformers like Rayman and Sonic!

3D platformers always been amazing such as SMG/SMG2 and Crash Bandicoot!

So without Console Wars, What is just better in General? 2D or 3D?

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They are both good, but I think 3D is a little nicer.

The one you like the most...

I am very 50/50 on this but in the end i choose 3D because it offers more, but 2D is more challenging IMO!!! AAaaaahhh

There have been a lot of good 3D platformers, but 2D platformers are the best. 2.5D is also 2D. They might have 3D graphics, but the gameplay is still 2D.

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Super Mario Galaxy, 'nuff said.


Metroid 3D
Mario.....cant decide....both
Donkey 2D
Rayman 2D

Super Mario 64 rules.

2D for me. Once Mario went 3D I completely lost interest. I just don't like how 3D platformers play and control.