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Which God of War is the Best?

God of War
God of War II
God of War III
God of War Ghost of Sparta
God of War Chains of Olympus
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What gave the best performance/most liked/ best delivery in the series?


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GoW 3

 The One and Only


gow two

You mean best overall edition (GoW) lol
seriously though I'll go with 2. 3 is right up there too but what 2 did on PS2 was just mindblowing to a guy who hadn't gotten PS3 yet

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GoW was such a great IP, I remember just being bored one day with a little over $30 and walk into gamestore (blockbusters game store? I dont remember the name) and saw GoW (at the time GoW2 jus released) I bought it saying this looks ok paid $20 plyed at a friends house and i thought Best $20 Ive ever spent!!! Simply Amazing!!!

I only played part 1 ;(

But I do have some part 1 XD.

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I only played Chains of Olympus on PSP, so I'll just vote for that one

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They really get better for each entry when it comes to the main line entries. 3>2>1.

With that said, I prefer 1's story the most. I prefer the adventure feel of 2 the most. But the boss battles, scale and insane moments put 3 above them. Combat is also in favour of the newest.

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All amazingly epic games but I preferred GOW2 the most. The story was just far better than god of war 3. I didn't really enjoy god of war 1 as much as the other 2 mainline games. Too much time was spent in the labyrinth, but the ending were Kratos kills Ares was fantastic. God of war 3 had the most intense boss battles though. Poseidon, Hercules and cronos probably the best boss battles in gaming.