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I've not seen a thread dedicated to PC overclocking so I figured to create one. Feel free to post anything on CPU, GPU, RAM overclocking and topics related to PC overclocking in general.


My first post will focus on AMD's Phenom II X4/FX overclocking. 

In the last few years I've overclocked over a half a dozen CPU's, 3 of which were AMD Phenom or FX based.

Below are numbers that I got out of each and the settings used. 

Phenom II X4 940 AM2+ CPU:

Mobo - Asus M3N-HT Deluxe

Stock 3.0 Ghz - max stable overclock 3.8 Ghz


CPU Multiplier - x16.5

CPU Frequency - 230

Voltage - CPU 1.5V, NorthBridge 1.4V


Phenom II X4 965 AM3 CPU:

Mobo - MSI 970A-G46


Stock 3.4 Ghz - max stable overclock 4.2 Ghz

NB overclock - 2800 MHz

RAM speed - 1720 MHz


CPU Multiplier - x19.5

CPU Frequency - 215

Voltage - CPU 1.52V, RAM Voltage 1.7V



FX - 8120 AM3+ CPU:

Mobo - Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5

Stock 3.1-4.0(turbo) Ghz - max stable overclock 4.4 Ghz

NB overclock - 2900 MHz

RAM speed - 1800 MHz



CPU Multiplier - x19.5

CPU Frequency - 226

Voltage - CPU 1.48V, RAM Voltage 1.6V




When I was learning how to overclock AMD CPU's, there was a lot of trial and error. First thing I realized is how much importance fan placement, airflow and quality CPU cooling matter when it comes to overclocking. You ideally have to keep the CPU around 60 degrees at full load and the differentce between 60 and 70 degrees are a couple of well placed fans.

Second thing I learned is that CPU speed isn't everything. I could hit higher clockspeeds with all 3 CPU's but at the cost of RAM and NorthBridge speed which matter just as much. In terms or RAM performance, timings matter as much as overall speed. 

Overclocking performance increase is most evident in games. Some CPU bound games see a 10-20% increase in frame rate while something like Dolphin Wii emulator becomes much more playable once these CPU's are overclocked. The reason why I still consider these older AMD CPUs to be excellent value for gaming is because of overclocking ability. FX8120 and Phenom X4 965 should be able to hit 60 FPS on any game when overclocked which is ideally what 95% of 60 hz monitor PC gamers still need to avoid screen tearing.



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Yes I agree, I just finished reading it and posted a question relating to it.


I'll post more when I look in my bios

I7 920 @3.8 GHZ I think stock is like 2.66 with turbo boost to 2.8 GHZ

1.225 Volts
181 MHZ with a 21x multiplier
RAM 1814 MHZ (2133 MHZ I think at 9-9-9-24 timings at 1.55 V.

In order to get to 4GHZ I have to increase voltage
1.26875 volts
191 Hz with 21x multiplier.
Also, my motherboard won't let the ram go higher than ~1900 MHZ. So I have to clock it at ~1600 MHZ
This increases temps by ~12 degrees so it's not worth it for me. Also this likely increases power bill for very small gain.

Both of these settings I tested with OCCT for 24hrs + to verify Stability. I tweaked, other voltages but I don't remember.
This is off the top of my head... I'll check bios later (I don't have CPU-Z installed).

I have my 7950 overclocked to like 1040 Hz GPU CLOCK with 1400 Hz Memory Clock with +20% power limit in catalyst.

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