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Looking at some of the reviews, including Edge's 8/10, IGN's 9/10Eurogamer's 10/10, Far Cry 3 is making the case that it's one of the more notable titles of the year! 

Far Cry 3's Metascore


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For PC people, assuming you can run it, here's a 16-min vid of the game on Ultra.


The promo art for this game is cool.

The TV ads are bloody awful.

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995

The story is 25 hours long! :O


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it's getting some good marks isn't it,when i saw the trailers and videos earlier in the year,it actually appealed to me and looked like it might be fun with the co-op and stuff,probably play it on the PS3 as my PC ain't that good

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Damn, fuck, damn!

Just used my 60 bucks coupon to get AC3 for free which I didn't even really want, should have remembered this was coming out! :( :/ -.-

Oh well.

Imagine if fallout looked this cool. What a great looking game.

Released a such a bad time for me, I'm going to have to what awhile before picking it up which is a shame because its looks way more interesting to me then assassins creed 3, turns out I have no interest in American history.

Yeah but the graphics look to good and it is not linear so it does not deserve not more than 8/10.