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Game's graphics are unmatched in racing!

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Carl2291 said:
The irony.

Please actually talk about Forza. At least once. Please kowen. I know youre better than this.

Forza 3, 4 and Horizon combine to give the definitve driving experience of this gen.  Best visuals, best package.    There.

I'm not really here!

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It looks a lot like the Dirt games running on PC with this entry, which is a compliment, well, if that's the graphics while you are actually driving. Still a little lacking on the dust but that's a hardware and power limitation so not a big deal. Pretty good for a console that came out in 2005 for sure.

The environments are beautiful.





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Lostplanet22 said:


Oh these two made me laugh. Especially the last one. I was looking at the road first then my gaze drifted up to the right.

The definitive flight simulator this gen.

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